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Major Unit Sales – F&I

The Total Control Software Major Unit Sales with F & I module plays a key role managing your major unit (boat/motor/trailer/RV/ATV) inventory and sales operation.

  • The Major Unit Sales with F & I module integrates with our industry leading MarineTrack prospect management system, for effective sales lead management and followup.
  • Major units may be placed directly into inventory or be selected from user-defined templates.
  • Boats, motors and trailers may be placed into inventory either together or alone, with the ability to easily package them together.
  • Rigging managers may print out rigging sheets that detail work to be performed on sold boats.
  • All costs from the dealer invoice through the rigging work order are tracked for each inventory item to calculate a true gross margin on each deal.
  • Price formulas may be used to automatically perform costline and priceline calculations.
  • Floor plan interest may be easily tracked by floor plan company on a per unit basis.
  • Consignment, brokerage and trade units are handled with ease.
  • Salespeople may easily view all available units for sale and print out specification/ boat show special sheets and reports, as well as add additional accessories at the time of a customer deal.
  • F & I Managers may sell extended service contracts and insurance products, print retail finance, extended warranty, DMV/DNR forms and track reserve payments.
  • Multiple user-defined commissions calculations may be applied for each deal.